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Old bench
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Homemade long Bar clamps
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Nightstands from pallets
In this video I make two Nightstands from reclaimed wooden pallets.
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Sawhorses from pallets
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Making Lichtenberg device for burning wood
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Homemade twelve C-Clamps
In this video I make twelve C-Clamps from the steel remains found at home. All I bought for this project is: 2 metres of steel thread, twelve nuts and washers (total spent 3 $). I am happy with the outcome. Thanks for watching.
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Chest of drawers from Wooden Pallets
In this video I make chest of drawers from reclaimed wood. For making it I use the pallet boards and some ash tree wood left overs which I found at home. All cracks, holes and other wood damages of pallets were filled with epoxy resin. I used transparent water-based varnish for painting, PVA glue and wooden dowels for joining. As always, all sizes are made on the eye. I spent a lot of time for making it but I am very happy with the outcome! Thanks for watching!
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Reclaimed Wood Table
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Industrial Vintage Metal & Wood Bookcase
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Three Old Rusty Hammers Restoration
In this video I show the process of restorations three old hammers which I found at home. Engraving of my logo was done by my father at the local plant. Thanks for watching! The interesting links on my videos: How I've got my milling machine - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7K655-1YkA
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Drill Press Stand from pallets
Optimising my working space in the garage, I decided to make a drill press stand. To make it I used materials found around the house. It took awhile to make it, but I am very happy with the outcome. Once again, thanks for watching
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Lighted Live Edge Cabinet
In this video I demonstrate the process of making a cabinet for my living room. I use ash wood and once again experiment with the bark. The bark I covered with hot epoxi resin hoping this will protect it from the future exfoliation, make it stronger and smoother. To make this unit of furniture a bit modern, I incorporated glass shelves and LED lights. Thanks for watching !
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Modern bench
Композиция "Funk Game Loop" принадлежит исполнителю Kevin MacLeod. Лицензия: Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...). Оригинальная версия: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-.... Исполнитель: http://incompetech.com/
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Coffee table
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Wooden mallets
In this video, I make two wooden mallets for my own use. These are made from an ash tree and have been quite lightweight and comfortable in use. I hope the wooden hammers will serve me well and we will see these put to use in my future project.
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Ash tree coffee table
In this video I make a coffee table using two ash tree boards. My little kids like to climb everywere that can create additional stress onto the furniture. That's why I made this table stronger and heavier. However it can be moved easily on the floor for cleaning. I left live edge sides with a bark on them. To prevent the possible future rotting (e.g. bugs, which could remain in the wood bark) I soaked it with the hot epoxy resin and hope that is will work. In the middle of table top I've placed tempered glass 10 mm in thickness. Thanks for watching!
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Live edge coffee table
This coffee table I made as a gift for my sister Christine and her husband. They live in Switzerland and next month they will move into their new apartment. My best wishes on housewarming for them. Now, I have to find the way how to deliver this gift from Ukraine to Switzerland )) The table top I made from ash-tree board which I bought on the sawmill. The steel pipes for the table legs I bought in the local building store (forged products department). Finally all the parts I covered with a transparent varnish. Steel clips I used only as a decoration. In this video I've for the first time used my hot stamp. My father made it for me, huge thanks to him.
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Wooden Mallet
In this video I make a new mallet from ash tree. I also did some wood carving. I've never done something like that before, this is my first try and a new experience for me.
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Homemade Mounted ironing board
In this video, I demonstrate the process of making a built-in ironing board. I looked at the available options on the Internet but could not find the desired option, so I came up with my version of the mechanism. Let's see if it works. I hope my wife will appreciate my efforts and the built-in ironing board will be helpful and easy for everyday use.
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Live Edge Slab Table
In this video I make Live Edge Slab Table. The top I make from willow log. Legs - from old oak beam. For better look and amenities I also make a hidden drawer.
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LED lit bathroom shelf
In this video I make wood bathroom shelf with recessed LED lights. This shelf is made from wood remains which I found at home. I like the true wood color. This piece is for my bathroom, which is white with golden elements. Some of the works in this video I've never done before and this was an experiment for me. In the future I prefer to keep the natural wood effect.
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Wood lathe restoration
In this video I am restoring and later renovating an old lathe for wood which I found on the internet. This lathe was produced by Soviet Union in 1980 and was intended for the school (model STD-120M). The internet seller assured me that it was in good working condition, but unfortunately it was defective. There were serious electrical issues with it, and a number of mechanical faults. I spend a lot of time on this project. But in the end the effort has paid off and I am very happy with the outcome and can now try wood turning.
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Soft vise jaws (aluminium, leather, rubber, wood)
Working on my projects I always have a problem with the marks that my vise jaws leave on the materials. The temporary soft lining such as soft types of wood and aluminium are not practical for everyday use because of the amount of time spent to search and set them. That is why I decided to make variable multipurpose soft vise jaws. As usual, materials used to create this I found at home. Thanks for watching.
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Autumn leaves bench
This bench is totally made from wooden waste which I found at home. I like the beauty of autumn leaves, so I decided to keep the autumn colors alive by making this "Autumn leaves bench". I dried up all leaves before pouring the epoxy resin. I spent a lot of time for this project but I am happy with outcome. Thanks for watching!
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BBQ Grill
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Old iron restoration
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Making a rest place
Композиция "Feelin Good" принадлежит исполнителю Kevin MacLeod. Лицензия: Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/). Оригинальная версия: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100475. Исполнитель: http://incompetech.com/
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Ash tree swivel stool
In this video I make a swivel stool for my parents. I use ash tree wood with oak inserts. This is my first experience of bending hard wood and as can be expected, not everything went smoothly. Nevertheless I've had some great experience out of it and my parents are chuffed with the outcome. The stool stand is an industrial cast iron base which I got from my dad. The final piece feels a bit heavy, but on a plus side - it is strong, stable and spins silently and smoothly. Thanks for watching my videos!
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Live edge stools
In this video I make 4 live edge stools. For the top I used 4 slices of ash log, bought at the sawmill. All the cracks I filled with epoxy and pine bark. For the stools legs I used the piece of forged pipe (left-over from my previous project) and the ash shovel handles, bought at the local building store. I am happy with the outcome. Ash fibers look magnificent.
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Old adjustable wrench restoration
In this video I restore an old adjustable wrench which belonged to my great-grandfather. This wrench is one of the stuff that my relatives were able to take with them during the forced resettlement of Ukrainian minority 1947 from Poland to Ukraine (Operation Vistula). This old rusted tool has a historical value for me, so I decided to restore and keep it for the next generation. Thanks for watching!
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Laminate flooring bookshelves with drawers
In this video I make a bookshelves with drawers from oak and laminate flooring. I used liquid nails and screws for fixing laminate flooring. It was long project for me but the bookshelves look great) Thanks for watching!
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Sandbox from truck tyre
Композиция "Brandenburg Concerto No4-1 BWV1049 - Classical Whimsical" принадлежит исполнителю Kevin MacLeod. Лицензия: Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/). Оригинальная версия: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100303. Исполнитель: http://incompetech.com/
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Upcycling an old wardrobe door into lighted wall mirror
In this video, I demonstrate the process of manufacturing a wall mirror from a recycled wardrobe door. The height of the wardrobe door was 2 meters so I had to shorten them a bit. With a bit of luck, I was able to cut the mirror without damaging it. I plan to hang the mirror in my corridor. I added an LED light with multi color modes of lighting. So this can be also used as a nightlight. On the perimeter, I added ash wooden inserts to make it more interesting. In general, this was a new experience for me, and the most importantly my Girls supported this project. Thanks for watching.
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Windmill for garden
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Ash tree bench with oak inserts
In this video, I show the process of manufacturing a bench made of ash with oak decorative inserts. It is done without using any nails or screws: to join parts I used glue PVA and epoxy resin and to coat - oil with wax that emphasized the structure of wood fibers and made the surface smooth. I worked mostly in the evenings for 2 weeks. It’s been a laborious project, but I got a great bench. I am happy with how it turned out. Thanks for watching.
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Wooden Spice Rack
In this video I make a simple spice rack to organize the working space in the kitchen. The board is made from old pallets boards and epoxy. The holding clips are made from plastik pipe couplers. Thanks for watching.
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Homemade shovel modifications
Two times per year my father and I must dig the garden (300 sq.m.) we keep for planting. It reoccurs every spring and autumn. And for this we use an ordinary shovel. For me, this process has always been boring and tedious. Those who engaged in such exercise know it creates stress on your back. I searched the Internet and found the solution. Together with my father we created 2 modifications of digging shovel, that improves the digging process and goes easy on your back. I share with you the two versions of shovels in testing. Huge thanks little goat for free participation in the shooting ))
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Reclaimed wood 3D wall panel
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Updated: Milling machine
In this video I demonstrate the process of delivery, installation and renovation of the recently bought milling machine. I was looking for this machine for the past six months and I was lucky again I found one not far from my home. This milling machine (model 675P) is made in USSR (city Yerevan) in 1979. The construction of this model is very successful and reliable. It still works properly. I don't have any experience of milling but I hope to get some necessary skills in the nearest future and I will demonstrate this in my future projects. Thanks for watching.
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Alder wood TV Stand
In this video I make a TV Stand for my living room (1500mm x 800mm x 400mm). I decided to try alder for this project. This is relatively cheap stuff, which I got from the local sawmill. I used transparent varnish to preserve the natural look. I'm happy with the outcome. Thanks my little daughter for helping me with clearing in the garage! ))
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Epoxy resin stools
In this video I make four epoxy resin stools. Top is made from reclaimed ash tree stair stringer. Oak stool legs I ordered on internet. I used 3D transparent epoxy resin also ordered on internet. Thanks for watching )
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Dismantling pallets
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Turkish coffee pot handle (Drill Press accessories test)
In this video I make a new handle for Turkish coffee pot. The old handle has a broken connection part. This is a nice chance to check a new accessories I made earlier for the Drill Press. With these accessories I can use a Drill Press as a Lathe ... using chisels, round file, hacksaw blades, sandpaper. This is the first my try.
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Bed rail
In this video I make a safety bed rail for my little daughter's bed. I made it in one of my earlier videos, and now decided to add a safety fence. My little daughter often turns in her dream, so I hope this fence will protect her from falling down. To do this, I used the remains of ash tree board (left over from my previous projects). The carving took some time but I am happy with the result. Thanks for watching!
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Epoxy Resin Table
20 years ago I planted 10 birch trees on the opposite side of the road from my house. Sadly, due to the local authority's ruling, I had to cut them out. The reason given was clogging of the drainage systems. To keep the beautiful memory alive, I decided to make an Epoxy Resin Table. I deliberately poured a thick epoxy to achieve frozen water effect. This is my first experience of making a table and I've never worked with epoxy before. And I am happy with the result.
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Cork Memo Board
In this video I make cork memo board. I used ash and oak wood remains for a frame. The wine corks I've been collecting for many years. I am happy with the outcome. Thanks for watching.
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Old swivel stool restoration
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Ash tree Single Bed with Storage Drawers
In this video I make a full size bed (1900mm by 900 mm) for my son's room. I used four ash tree boards for the bed and some pine tree boards for the drawers sides. I worked mostly in the evenings for 2 weeks. It’s been a laborious project, but I got a great bed. I am happy how it turned out. Thanks for watching.
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Three swivel stools
In this video I'm making three swivel stools from an ash wood. I decided to make a rotating stool top for this and have invented a simple rotating mechanism. One stool I'll keep for myself the remaining two will be birthday gifts for my best friends. Thanks for watching.
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Creating a new cover for the well - part 1
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